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flag_slowenia.gif Slovenia – A partner country for Switzerland’s contribution to EU enlargement

Local Website with information about Switzerland's contribution to EU enlargement:

Slovenia.jpgThe Swiss contribution to Slovenia amounts to CHF 22 million. Between now and 2017, 8 projects designed to reduce economic and social disparities in Slovenia will be implemented. The project implementation is accompanied by the SDC and the SECO in Berne, which are in close contact with the National Coordination Unit (NCU) in the government office.




Project results

One of eight planned projects has already been completed; the rest are currently being implemented. The completed and ongoing projects have begun to show results. Below is an overview based on the five project goals.

Promoting economic growth and improving working conditions

Exchange of experiences with the Federal Audit Oversight Authority
The exchange of experiences in the area of financial reporting between Switzerland and the new EU member states helps prevent accounting fraud and the financial instability it causes.
  • Transparent financial reporting: Some 74 public administration and private sector employees are versed in international financial reporting and auditing standards thanks to their participation in 13 seminars and study trips. The translation of international standards into Slovenian has facilitated their application.
    Project description

  • Research: Ten doctoral students and post-doctoral researchers are completing a fixed-term research residency at a Swiss university thanks to a SCIEX-NMSch (Scientific Exchange Programme between the New Member States and Switzerland) fellowship.
    Project description

Improving social security

Linear accelerator at the University Medical Centre Maribor
Linear accelerator at the University Medical Centre Maribor.
  • Health: Switzerland supports a project to build a new radiotherapy centre at the University Medical Centre Maribor and has co-funded the purchase of two linear accelerators that have already been installed. As a result, cancer patients from north-eastern Slovenia can obtain faster and easier access to radiotherapy. The Swiss project partner, the Oncology Institute of Southern Switzerland at the cantonal hospital in Bellinzona, is training Slovenian medical staff in the use of the linear accelerators.

Protecting the environment

Slovenia's longest solar noise barrier.
Slovenia's longest solar noise barrier: A 600-metre-long noise barrier along a segment of Slovenia's motorway leading to Italy has been fitted with solar panels.
  • Renewable energy and energy efficiency: The motorway is flanked by a 648-metre-long noise barrier fitted with solar panels. An information panel continuously displays the solar energy generated and CO2 savings. Thirty-four public buildings, mainly schools and pre-schools, are heated with renewable energy. An information campaign has raised 500 teachers' and pupils' awareness of renewable energy and energy efficiency. Slovenia has published a book about this topic. In order to establish Swiss-Slovenian partnerships and disseminate knowledge about renewable energy and energy efficiency, Slovenian companies and institutions undertook a study trip to Switzerland and Swiss representatives attended a conference in Slovenia.
    Project description

Strengthening civil society

A group of children playing in an organic school garden in Slovenia.
The first harvest – the "Organic School Gardens" partnership project aims to raise young people's awareness of sustainable development.
  • Partnership fund: In Slovenia, 19 partnership projects promote the exchange of knowledge and expertise between Swiss and Slovenian municipalities and institutions. For example, Slovenian pupils learn about the sustainable cultivation of organic vegetables in their school gardens. This partnership project is being jointly implemented by the Slovenian Institute for Sustainable Development and the Swiss Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL).
    Project description
    Project description   

  • Support funding for NGOs:
    Non-governmental organisations obtain funds from a support fund to promote and strengthen civil society's participation in the economic and social development of the country. A total of 23 projects are currently being implemented: 12 in the environmental sector and 11 in the social sector.
    Project description
    Project description

Last update: 24.03.2014

The bilateral Framework Agreement with Slovenia

The Framework (core) Agreement basically sets down the objectives of the contribution, its amount, the form, and the utilization of the financial support, together with the key stipulations on the contribution's implementation which are more specifically detailed in the Annexes.
[en] (55 KB)

Annex 1 contains the principles upon which cooperation is based, describes the main strategic guidelines in implementing the contribution, and specifies the thematic focus.
[en] (55 KB) modified Version of 14 June 2012

Annex 2 defines the practical rules and procedures agreed upon, i.e., the procedures for project submission, project approval, project implementation, payment, controlling, and audits – all are described in detail along with specification of the respective responsibilities.
[en] (55 KB)

Finally, Annex 3 contains the procedures for the special financing facilities such as the so-called Block Grants, the Project-Preparation (Seed Money) Facility, the Technical Assistance Fund, and the Scholarship Fund.
[en] (55 KB)

Key figures about Slovenia

Figures 2013

Figures relating to Switzerland’s contribution to EU enlargement:
Switzerland’s contribution: 22 mio CHF (2007 – 2012)
EU-Funds: 4,1 mrd Euro (2007–2013)
General information about the country:
Population: 2 mio
Area: 20 000 km²
Growth rate (% of GDP): -1.1%
Swiss exports to Slovenia: 415,3 mio CHF
Swiss imports from Slovenia: 362,5 mio CHF
Purchasing power with regard to the EU average:


Unemployment rate: 10.2%

Source: Eurostat, Swiss Foreign Trade Statistics (april 2014)


National Coordination Unit (NCU)

Homepage NCU

Mrs. Maja Humar

Ministry of Economic Development and Technology
Kotnikova 5
SI-1000 Ljubljana

Telefon: +386 1 400 3471

Swiss Embassy


Swiss Embassy
Trg republike 3, 6th floor
1000 Ljubljana

Telefon: +386 1 200 86 40
Fax: +386 1 200 86 69
E-Mail: lju.vertretung@eda.admin.ch

Swiss embassy in Slovenia

Additional Information and Documents

  • Country Factsheet Slovenia
    Download (PDF, 546 KB) [de]   [en]   [fr]   [it]  

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